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Value of a Hybrid IT Environment

CenturyLink is a premier sponsor of the upcoming Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure and

Operations (I&O) Management Conference.   The theme of this year's event is Leading I&O:  Delivering New Levels of Innovation and Productivity and will be held in Las Vegas on Dec 2-5 at the Venetian Hotel.


To exemplify how the data center is playing a leading role in innovation, I will be hosting a panel of our customers at the event titled How IT is helping the Enterprise Revolutionize their Markets.

By Guest Blogger: Julian Kudritzki, Chief Operating Officer of the Uptime Institute

In the world of Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC), as in much of life, not all things are created equal.  The levels of redundancy and robustness vary widely across centers, geographic locations and providers.  It is for this reason that the Uptime Institute created the Data Center Tier Classification System (I - IV) almost 20 years ago, and that the corresponding Tier Certification has become the company's fastest growing certification segment today.  


If you want to get Freudian about Big Data, though, you might notice that the word "oops" is nearly all in the name of the platform.  The truth is that Hadoop in its pure form can be quite challenging to get up and running, especially in a public cloud environment.  While the cloud offers many advantages of cost and flexibility for Big Data, doing Hadoop in the cloud unassisted is asking for a hassle unless you're a serious open source expert.  This is a problem we're solving.

The CIO / CMO Relationship

In the sixth part of our seven part series titled 7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Disruptor, we will talk about the critical CIO / CMO relationship. Part five covers the importance of the technology provider and you can view it here.

While disruption most often originates as a result of new technology becoming available it is marketers who are most often the ones championing the use and implementation of these new techniques while technologists are seen as more conservative gatekeepers. However, balancing forward-looking, customer-centric innovation with the latest and greatest tools and the need to keep IT systems robust, secure and cost effective requires strong cooperation between the CIO and CMO.