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CenturyLink just announced the availability of our hybrid IT managed services in China.

The enormous opportunities in China have created strong demand from our multinational corporation customers to access the Chinese market, but logistical issues and concerns about security and navigating the business and regulatory climate present unique challenges.

The Only Constant is Business Change


Philosopher Heraclitus once said: "The only thing that is constant is change." Nothing is ever frozen in time as the world is constantly evolving, meaning people must evolve alongside it. Really, what was proposed back in Ancient Greece still holds true today. And it's playing out real-time in today's evolving data center.

Faced with a flood of data, evolving customer requirements, new technologies, and mergers/acquisitions - businesses are always on the move. This requires the data center to keep pace with new mandates. That's certainly no easy task. And whether you're a retail giant scrambling to reinvent IT systems as customers migrate to online eCommerce or an acquisition-driven company tackling data center consolidation, the ability to rapidly match these requirements has never been more important. 

CenturyLink Joins ODCA Steering Group


Forecast 2014, the annual conference of the Open Data Center Alliance ("ODCA"), kicks off today with the fitting theme "Where Cloud is a State of Business." The ODCA is an independent IT consortium comprised of over 300 leading global organizations from a wide array of industries who have come together to provide a unified voice for IT requirements for cloud computing adoption.

In the first installment of our blog series 7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Disruptor, we will look at the golden rule of disruption: "Put the customer at the heart of everything you do."

If we were creating the curriculum for an MBA course on digital disruption lesson one would be to examine what happened to the music business between the introduction of Napster in 1999 and the return to growth more than a decade later in 2013. 


Looking back at the origins of digital disruption, we can now easily contrast the customer centricity of the visionary Steve Jobs launching the iPod and saying "put 1,000 songs in your pocket," with the circa 2000 music industry clinging to the outdated model of selling customers $20 CD's just so they could have the one or two songs that they really wanted.


Webster's Dictionary defines "resiliency" as the ability to return to the original form or 

recover readily from adversity. And when you look at today's data center, this definition has never been more important.  (image by Don McCullough)

The power to minimize impact of disaster - and protect critical data - is the No.1 concern for CIOs. That's why our company is driven by four core practices: Planning, Process, Technology, and - most importantly - People. This focus was critical when Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012.

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