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If you want to get Freudian about Big Data, though, you might notice that the word "oops" is nearly all in the name of the platform.  The truth is that Hadoop in its pure form can be quite challenging to get up and running, especially in a public cloud environment.  While the cloud offers many advantages of cost and flexibility for Big Data, doing Hadoop in the cloud unassisted is asking for a hassle unless you're a serious open source expert.  This is a problem we're solving.

The CIO / CMO Relationship

In the sixth part of our seven part series titled 7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Disruptor, we will talk about the critical CIO / CMO relationship. Part five covers the importance of the technology provider and you can view it here.

While disruption most often originates as a result of new technology becoming available it is marketers who are most often the ones championing the use and implementation of these new techniques while technologists are seen as more conservative gatekeepers. However, balancing forward-looking, customer-centric innovation with the latest and greatest tools and the need to keep IT systems robust, secure and cost effective requires strong cooperation between the CIO and CMO.

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The public cloud can present an appealing option for organizations that want to take advantage of NoSQL and Big Data but are not willing to invest in physical data center infrastructure to make it happen.

The cloud offers a higher degree of flexibility and the ability to on-ramp a NoSQL project more rapidly than can usually be done on-premises. However, astute IT managers and their Line-of-Business (LOB) counterparts should be asking, "How much will it actually cost to do in the cloud?  Is it really less expensive than doing it on-premises?" Taking it a level higher, the manager might also ask, "What is the overall financial impact of doing NoSQL and Big Data in the cloud?"  

Tap the power of the crowd

In the fourth part of our series titled 7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Disruptor, we will talk about the power of the crowd. You can read  the third part here and get insights around how data-powered decision making has changed the customer experience.

Crowdsourcing is not just for open source software developers anymore. These days, crowds deliver the collective actions, shared ideas and emerging tastes of the market in real time - even when the market decides that what it wants is a $50,000 potato salad.


Find a Technology Partner

In the fifth part of our series titled 7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Disruptor, we will talk about the importance of the technology provider. You can also read the previous part that focuses on the power of the crowd.

 It may sound a bit self-serving when a technology services company says you should find a technology partner. But consider for a moment that the average IT organization has 80% of their budget tied up in maintenance of existing systems, leaving only 20% of that budget to drive innovation. Compare that figure to the marketing department, who can not only devote a much bigger percentage to new projects and experimentation, but who is also controlling an increasing amount of overall enterprise IT spending.


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