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I had the honor of attending a ceremony a few weeks ago to accept CenturyLink's recognition by ComEd for our ongoing efforts to promote energy savings and green initiatives at our Chicago CH2 data center. Through ComEd's Smart Ideas for Your Business® program, CenturyLink was acknowledged for lowering the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of our Chicago data center footprint. We are very proud of our ongoing sustainability efforts.


Why do data centers have a bad reputation as energy consuming behemoths? Data centers house large amounts of IT equipment that provide computing power to organizations across the world and they must consume large amounts of power to remain online. Our use of smart phones, tablets, PCs, video on demand, and streaming music are just a few examples of the technology and applications people use every day. We expect our devices and apps to work every day, all the time.


As you'll recall a few months back we announced our plan for expansion in Canada with the launch of a new 100,000-square-foot TR3 data center that will support up to five megawatts of IT load in the Toronto region. It was big news then and still is big news because the big day is nearly here!


As I mentioned then, our expansion is part of our plan to power businesses in Canada through CenturyLink Technology Solutions' world-class infrastructure services, which is a component of our strong IT services portfolio along with cloud, big data, business applications, content management and e-commerce initiatives for Canadian and global companies.

Bitcoin Mining is Hot, Hot

CoinTerra LogoLook any day in your news feed and you'll learn that Bitcoin mining is hot a topic - from the rush of venture dollars flowing into the Bitcoin ecosystem to the reported $600M in spending on infrastructure expected in the second half of this year.

According to 
Data Center Knowledge, the growing interest in Bitcoin and other virtual currencies has spurred a massive investment in servers and infrastructure to process transactions and 'mine' bitcoin. Computing power in virtual currency mining is measured by the "hash rate," the number of SHA256* calculations that hardware can perform every second. Since January, the Bitcoin network hash rate has grown from a total computing power of 10 Petahash per second to 135 Petahash per second, and is expected to reach up to 700 Petahash per second by the end of the year.

When Silicon Valley-based RMS wanted to introduce the global insurance industry to an entirely new way of analyzing real-time risk on-demand, it turned to the cloud and strategic IT services from CenturyLink Technology Solutions to create a robust infrastructure strategy that could bring its vision to market faster.

We talked with Paris Georgallis, SVP of cloud platform operations at RMS, about the technology trends and industry dynamics driving the company's decision to host its platform in the cloud:

data center aisles.jpg

When the topic of choosing a colocation provider is discussed, a famous Forrest Gump quote comes to mind: "Life [is] like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Like a box of chocolates, data centers are all different. What may appear as minor nuances between providers could result in a major impact to the performance of your business. Whether it's an improved customer experience, 100 percent uptime for critical applications or better alignment of IT with business priorities, knowing what to look for in a data center colocation provider is crucial to success.

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