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"What is the one thing that can't be compromised when it comes to data centre space?"

The question continues to be an extremely popular topic amongst the data centre community but never ceases to confound me. It may be a popular conversation starter, but in my opinion, it's no longer a question that needs asking.

Unified Storage: Tiered performance, cloud economics


A large percentage of you are embarking on a common journey; data is growing at unprecedented rates and you are struggling to manage it. Surprising? Not at all given the number of applications and social media outlets that offer value solely based on flexible and instant access to data. However, a gap exists in the traditional Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. You want to control storage costs, while also providing 24/7 access to the data. You also are concerned about security, power, compliance and return on investment (ROI) when evaluating storage infrastructure options.

Shadow IT: Balancing productivity and security

CenturyLink and IO recently announced a strategic agreement to expand the CenturyLink Technology Solutions data-center footprint using IO's Intelligent Control technology platform. The following is a guest post from Brian Fanzo, technology evangelist, IO.


Shadow IT typically refers to corporate staff going outside the confines of established IT department processes to procure computing resources. Line of business users create shadow IT when they go beyond the enterprise IT framework for cloud-based applications like Google Apps, Basecamp and Dropbox.

It's exciting to see the industry begin to rally around a best-practice big data stack - a construct on which to build reference architectures for scalable, secure big data systems.


Open dialog on what constitutes "the stack," as recently explored in this article, increases the likelihood of developing repeatable processes that result in big data successes - and that's an outcome we should all be striving for.

Big data: From pocket cash to bankroll

One of the best parts of being in a technology space that has gone from grassroots to mainstream is enjoying a giggle and a giddy feeling of satisfaction when "the suits" show up. A giggle because we've all been waiting for them - what took so long? And satisfaction because the arrival of the suits signals the move to mainstream.


At this year's Strata Conference in Santa Clara, I was struck by the number of conversations I had and heard - eavesdropping is a recognized pastime at this show - about big data moving from proof-of-concept to production.