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Meet Slough's newest data center

ColocationIcon_Larger.jpgNBC's "The Office" is set on Slough Avenue in tribute to the town of Slough, England, the launch pad for Ricky Gervais' comedic career as the star in the original UK show of the same name. 


Five years after Gervais left Slough, Savvis moved in, opening the L01 data center in 2008 to help transform what is now Europe's biggest trading business park. Demand was high from day one, and within 18 months, the first floor sold out. In 2010, we expanded.


This week marks the opening of our second Slough data center, Savvis LO5.

The addition doubles capacity across our two Slough data centers, raising floor space by a third to give businesses in the European market access to the best experience possible.


By expanding the campus rather than moving to a new location, Savvis is able to build up the IT load incrementally to match demand, while becoming more efficient. LO5 offers an initial 2.4 megawatts of IT load on 35,000 square feet of raised floor space. It is designed to support power densities in excess of 150 watts per square foot. The adjoining Savvis data center expands our operations on the Slough campus to 100,000 square foot, with a spread of 8.88 megawatts of power.


While Ricky may have moved out of his office a decade ago, Slough is now home to the highest concentration of European headquarters in the UK. We chose it, following extensive research of 75 possible locations in the region, because it is considered the 'Data Center of England' thanks, in part, to its power connectivity.


This is a strategic geographical location for a wide variety of businesses in the financial services, consumer brands and other sectors. With this week's addition of LO5, we're proud to be supporting these companies with the carrier diversity, interconnectivity and other IT infrastructure services they need to compete effectively in the global market place. See what Savvis LO5 can do for you 


Ian Butler is vice president, EMEA, for Savvis, a CenturyLink company.

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