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Big data: From pocket cash to bankroll

One of the best parts of being in a technology space that has gone from grassroots to mainstream is enjoying a giggle and a giddy feeling of satisfaction when "the suits" show up. A giggle because we've all been waiting for them - what took so long? And satisfaction because the arrival of the suits signals the move to mainstream.


At this year's Strata Conference in Santa Clara, I was struck by the number of conversations I had and heard - eavesdropping is a recognized pastime at this show - about big data moving from proof-of-concept to production.

The conversations generally went like this, "We had a database that was an absolute dog. Queries taking days. Couldn't stand it anymore. Brought in a consultant, spun up a 6-node cluster. Bam. Instant speed. We are now going in to production, 100-node cluster, rolling it out to everyone."


Nice. This is where we want to be; it's time to put big data to work and deliver it to the masses.


This trend echoed from the convention hall to the speaker presentations. We are moving from big data spend as walking-around money to big data purchases in large doses of folding money.


Validating this sentiment, I took the opportunity at the show to interview Milan Vaclavik, senior director and solution lead for big data at CenturyLink Technology Solutions. In this two-minute video, Milan discusses emerging analytics, Hadoop, CenturyLink's approach to managed services for big data and trends for 2014. Hold on to your hat. Big things lie ahead.



Bill Peterson is the director of marketing for big data at CenturyLink Technology Solutions. Follow him on Twitter @thebillp.

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