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A few weeks back, eTail East speaker Michael Stromer, vice president of customer connections marketing at JetBlue, delivered a simple but incredibly valuable reminder to event attendees: You can have the most beautiful e-commerce site in the world, but if the page doesn't load fast enough, people will leave!


There's a lot of research proving his point. Kissmetrics found 40 percent of visitors abandon websites taking more than three seconds to load, and 79 percent of shoppers dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.

The summer is upon us, and with it, music lovers are gearing up for another packed season of music festivals and outdoor concerts.


Sadly, what's becoming just as predictable as the summer line-up are the poorly-performing e-commerce sites for these events - and yet, more and more we're seeing website crashes being portrayed as a sort of 'badge of honor,' the mark of a sell-out tour.

ConsumerIcon_Larger.jpgThis Sunday is Father's Day in a number of countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and with the rise of personalized gift cards and specialist e-commerce sites, we wondered if people were taking advantage of these services to celebrate their dads.


We surveyed Brits on their Father's Day card- and gift-buying habits and found an increase in online shopping across all age groups.  One in five this year said they'd bought a gift online and a further 20 percent said they'd browsed the web before picking up a gift on the high street.

CloudIcon_Larger.jpgConsider: 5.1 billion people on the planet own a mobile phone - only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.


In today's media organizations, user experience is almost as important as the content itself. Compelling content means nothing if the user experience is poor, and the 'it just works' expectation set by the likes of Facebook and Google means content must be delivered in the right way more now than ever before.

SaaS IconThe presence of firewalls in China appears to be having little impact on the country's Internet usage, if a new UN Broadband Commission report is any indication. This study projects Chinese Internet users will surpass today's 565 million English-speaking users by 2015.