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Unified Storage: Tiered performance, cloud economics


A large percentage of you are embarking on a common journey; data is growing at unprecedented rates and you are struggling to manage it. Surprising? Not at all given the number of applications and social media outlets that offer value solely based on flexible and instant access to data. However, a gap exists in the traditional Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. You want to control storage costs, while also providing 24/7 access to the data. You also are concerned about security, power, compliance and return on investment (ROI) when evaluating storage infrastructure options.

Big data: From pocket cash to bankroll

One of the best parts of being in a technology space that has gone from grassroots to mainstream is enjoying a giggle and a giddy feeling of satisfaction when "the suits" show up. A giggle because we've all been waiting for them - what took so long? And satisfaction because the arrival of the suits signals the move to mainstream.


At this year's Strata Conference in Santa Clara, I was struck by the number of conversations I had and heard - eavesdropping is a recognized pastime at this show - about big data moving from proof-of-concept to production.

As 2014 gets into full swing, Hadoop is increasingly being used for applications that are integral to daily business operations. No longer is Hadoop viewed by some organizations as just a platform for big data proof-of-concept applications. IT leaders should be developing a strategy for production-ready infrastructure, now, so they are ready to leverage the emerging technical advances that make Hadoop more capable of supporting business-critical big data applications.

2014: A big year for big data

Making predictions is easy. Foretelling trends that actually come to pass can be more difficult--unless you're talking about big data. It's no surprise; as we kick off 2014, big data is making a big splash in the media. And as we look at technology drivers for this coming year, it's clear that big data initiatives will be front and center.


According to a new Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by Savvis,70 percent of IT decision-makers say big data analytics is or will be a key priority in 2014.

Big data means a lot of things to different people. One technology service growing increasingly popular is data aggregation. This basically entails collecting large sets of data from many different sources and storing them all in a central location for people to use.


Some data-set offerings contain costs associated with collecting and storing large amounts of data. However, there are also many publically available data sets out there for businesses to use.